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About Us


“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”
– Robin Williams

There are those who dream of making the world a better place and there are those who make the world a better place. While three of us (Animesh, Harish & Karthik) were doing our bit to bring positive change in the way we live and work through technology, we came across many from across the globe who had great ideas.

Ideas that would increase our productivity, make different tasks easy, raise standard of our living, give us different ways to express ourselves creatively, connect us socially and professionally, make travel, entertainment, eating more fun and the list goes on. Many brilliant creative ideas looking for easy & intelligent technology solutions available on the handset through apps would change the way we live personally and professionally. This made three of us come together and build a company that will not just discuss these ideas but more importantly turn them into reality.

So if you have an idea, we over the years have built an ecosystem that will help you see your idea come alive. We at Pulpy Tech believe that technology and creativity should go hand in hand. Solutions should always be easy and intuitive.  We are passionate about creating apps that users will love to download, use, share with others and always recommend.


Loves to dabble with different mobile technologies and build useful mobile apps.

Animesh Jaipurkar

``The Tech Guy``

Believes in working on idea whose time hasn't come. Because when the time comes, it doesn't wait for too long to get things done. Those who wait will just create clones.

Harish Jain

``The Business Guy``

Loves building products that help people. When not building stuff, he loves blogging and training students on technologies.

Karthik Ragubathy

``The Product Guy``